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Alex Detail’s Revolution

Alex Detail has been kidnapped. Again. Ten years ago, Alex was a child genius who saved the world from The Harvesters, a mysterious alien force that attempted to extinguish Earth’s sun. A decade later, The Harvesters have returned, but Alex is no longer a prodigy and unwilling to fight another war. So someone at The House of Nations had him drugged and placed on the last remaining ARRAY warship, which is under heavy attack. Unfortunately for Alex’s mysterious kidnappers (and the world) he has lost the mega IQ that allowed him to win the last war. Now Alex must convince the ship’s food-obsessed Captain Odessa to use his risky command program to save their ship, uncover his kidnapper’s devious plot, and survive the war long enough to make it to Pluto, where, underneath the planet’s frozen surface lies the only force in the universe that can stop The Harvesters.

Alex Detail’s Rebellion

The second Harvester war has ended, but Alex has never been in greater peril. Not only is Alex being hunted by his deadly clone, the seven-year-old George Spell, he is also the target of a House of Nations plot to expose Alex’s post-war experiments with The Harvesters and disgrace the genius war hero. But when George Spell’s latest attempt to assassinate Alex Detail at the New York planetarium nearly kills hundreds of people, Alex escapes death only to find his would-be assassin suddenly kidnapped by the powerful mystic, Brother Lonadoon.

Now Alex must join Captain Odessa on a covert interplanetary rescue operation where they uncover clues left thousands of years ago by an ancient race desperately trying to send a message to the future. But the message might be too late, as phenomena are revealing the beginnings of an extinction level event caused by the ongoing war between Alex Detail and George Spell, one that could lead to the destruction of the entire solar system.


Austrian is a quiet young man working at the TVCom League. Not the type of person one would expect of corporate espionage and manipulating governments.

Dr. Dianna Saint Sommers is a former Alabama beauty queen and Nobel Prize winning physicist/musician. The government has recruited Diana and her young music prodigies for a top-secret project.

When Dr. Saint Sommers child prodigies flee her program to join Austrian on a mysterious mission, she is charged with chasing them down before they incite a global disaster. It seems Austrian has come up with a way to use the prodigies and honeybees to unlock an immortality gene… and resurrect everyone who ever lived!

Disappearing Spell


The most dangerous person in the world has been kidnapped.
George Spell is a deadly military mastermind, government spy and skilled assassin. As the son of House Speaker Madeline Spell, he is also political royalty. George Spell is also just seven years old. How did a child become such a deadly player on the world stage?

As George finds out more about who kidnapped him and why, he begins to learn the secrets behind his existence and where he truly came from. Is George Spell the pinnacle of a worldwide conspiracy centuries in the planning, or the ultimate tool in a blood vendetta against his family?

Alex Detail’s Revelations

Alex Detail is being hunted. Now that Alex and his deadly young clone, George, have joined forces to uncover a new enemy, they are targets of a mysterious and powerful adver¬sary that sends them on a chase from the caverns under The Vatican to the always sunny crater on the Moon’s north pole.

Meanwhile, the unexpected appearance of Alex’s mother after ten years sets in motion a series of events that will either uncover the secrets behind The Harvesters, or plunge the world into darkness forever.

Alex Detail’s Revelations marks the stunning conclusion to the Alex Detail trilogy.

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Alex Detail’s Revolution
Alex Detail’s Rebellion

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Alex Detail’s Revolution
Alex Detail’s Rebellion

Alex Detail’s Revolution
Alex Detail’s Rebellion